3D Worms-like

An assignment based on Worms (3D), made for Futuregames course "Game Programming with C#".

I have learnt a lot from this project! Although my code is far from perfect, it’s the first time I’ve ever built so many different systems into a single project. It’s been my first time using Events, Singletons, Getters and Setters, Scriptable Objects and a proper attempt at adhering to the C# naming convention. With so many new prinnciples on the table, I have now come to realise that I have overly relied on Singletons. Whilst I haven’t run into any practical problems with Singletons yet, I am aware of their dangers and will be a little more precautious in the future. Going ahead, I expect that spending more time to plan out my code structure will help me to minimise dependencies and alleviate my reliance on dependencies.


When running the project in the Game view, use WASD and Space to move and jump the character. Press F1 to toggle oscillator gizmos.


Navigate menus using Mouse and Keyboard.


Toggle between movement mode and aiming mode, using Right Click.

Movement mode

Whilst in movement mode, use WASD and Space to move and jump.

Zoom in using Scroll Wheel.

Aiming mode

Whilst in aiming mode, press 1 or 2 to switch between equipping your baseball bat and basketball.  

Use Mouse to aim and, with a weapon equipped, Left Click to fire.  

Toggle zoom using Left Shift.

Source code

Download, collaborate on and contribute to the latest version of the project over on GitHub!



Hats are from Microsoft, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Sports Equipment are from Alberto Luviano, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Sound Effects

The sound effects and music were kindly created and arranged by Clara Summerton.

All else

Is my own.

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